Heart Surgeons, Domains and ET

Steven Spielberg will be remembered forever, right along with Leonardo da Vinci, Nostradamus, Einstein, Christopher Columbus and thousands of other unique and important people. I will mostly remember him for the ‘ET phone home’ scene. I always wondered what ET thought about the human race, we are so weird at times and yet we are as expected we would be, we always strive to be better, some of us are just much better at being better than others, see, we are not the same, but yet we are.

Living contradictions, like Military Intelligence, oh, no wait, that is an oxymoron. Cool word and much under-appreciated, this oxymoron is (my best Yoda), let me say it again, oxymoron.

Intelligent people, see how cheap words have become? We all abuse words, maybe I should start a movement, the movement against word abuse. Like in Lost Girl: ‘delish’. People are lazy, yet we are hard working, contradictions. The only easy generalization is that humans are living contradictions. Still cheap words, fewer people reading, fewer people even understanding the concepts communicated in writing, facebook like this, it is cool, re-tweet that it is a cat playing piano.

Disposable, easy, hopeful and popular. So, when you have a heart attack would you take advice from a heart surgeon or the popular kid with the nice wavy hair that can smile nicely?

The Internet changed in December 2012 as domains changed. Why is it relevant? Why would you care?

Well money (popularity) is about branding. Marketing, image and association, with the advent off the .XXX domain (supposedly for porn) people are scurrying to check that their name does not end up as yourbrand.xxx this is amazing. Let’s say you have the brand called ‘Apple’ do you have a right to all things Apple? like farmingapples.com and grannysmithapples.co.za are you going to register absolutely every word out their that has the word apple in it? Do you strongly believe that you have this right? To force your fellow humans on the planet not to use the word ‘apple’ any longer. Yet, you did not think or create the word apple, you stole it.

Applethief.co.za – probably would get me a lawyers letter in 2 seconds flat. Is it right? Is it fair? That someone can take the word ‘house’ register it and own it after spending hundreds of millions of rands and twenty years later they somehow now ‘own’ the word? Heck nobody would even think twice about who the owner of the domain apple.co.za should be, It should be apple right? Not some apple farmer, oh no. The multi billion dollar company called Apple that everyone loves. They are the rightful and entitled owners, in fact so much so that you would be hard pressed to find a court anywhere in the world that disagrees. Just little old me. Don’t get me wrong, I in fact have nothing against Apple, I love Apple (and eating an apple as well, I mean one a day keeps the dentist away).

So, soon we will be able to register domains like for example my.cat and my.dog and buy.cellphone etc. Does it mean anything?

No, but people are people, they make big noises about trademarks, brands, ownership, entitlement where in real life their are hundreds of ways of registering billions of real names, as it is already today, right now. But no, money money money, the Internet has become all about earning money and doing nothing for it. Real life is going to catch up with all the leeches eventually as it is unsustainable. The Internet is only good for a few specific things like: Communication, Marketing, Entertainment.

You cannot grow an apple on the Internet. You can communicate to produce an apple, you can communicate to sell and apple and you can buy apples buy communicating the desire to do so. Someone still has to produce the apples, clean, grade, pack and ship them.

When too much of the labor force enters these markets and expect to make a living doing as little as possible, own names and all become popular, something is bound to give as we still need someone (or something) to pick the apples from the trees.

then again, Google X has the whole robotics thing covered, maybe we can just all take a chill pill and check twitter…