Big G battles the dragons

Google says that they are winning the fight against scam ads. Google has blocked or disapproved 134 million adverts during 2011 and 824 000 Google advertiser accounts was suspended in 2011. The scale of the problem is enormous and Google is fighting an ongoing battle against groups of people and organisations that wish to exploit users.

Google says that it’s human review of advertising is based on very advanced signals received from Google software resulting in only high quality and relevant adverts displaying to users.

Google has technology to ban users permanently from the Google systems and such bans are non reversible.

There has been instances of Google banning adwords accounts incorrectly, resulting in angry customers but Google offers human review in such cases and if your account is incorrectly banned or blocked there will be telephone numbers in your Google account details, that you are able to phone and speak to a representative.

With basically a monopoly on search, advertising on search depends on your complete compliance with Google Advertising policies.

Other up and coming search engines, like, also now offer search advertising. Unfortunately search advertising on is not yet available for targeted South African traffic. It is expected to be available shortly though and as search volumes on Bing increases advetising scams will of course also feature prominently thereon.

Internet marketing scams still manage to slip through both Google and Facebook systems. Possibly Google and Facebook should consider using search technology on target pages. For example: Organa Slim is a known scam in South Africa, yet their adverts are still showing on Facebook as well as Google, they keep on changing their target landing pages, but the words ‘Organa’ still feature in the text on the landing pages.

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