Where weird and nasty people congregate

If you are looking for a mean and nasty place on the Internet, look no further than the forums at mybroadband.co.za

Not only are the users on this website overwhelmingly obnoxious but it has truly become the place where desperate wannabe techies, who have excessive amounts of free time and an overestimation of their own self importance, hang out.

I discovered a thread, three pages long, where I am discussed and judging by the discussion itself, the place is an Internet toilet, devoid of any value and filled by people who’s opinions are quite unimportant.

I should have known better than to try to talk to the pigs in the toilet at the mybroadband.co.za adult content website, as the result thereof was a permanent life long ban from the website itself. This clearly demonstrates the value that this non resource provides to any community, even that of a community of opinionated and self righteous, self important, arrogant and generally obnoxious, mostly anonymous people.

Join the real world mybroadband.co.za it is not only scummy to publish slander but spreading malicious and slanderous gossip just accelerates your decline into the Internet sewer.

Have a look at the picture that one of the users put together by theft from my website of my photograph and adjusting it as well as adding the mybroadband.co.za logo

Quite obviously, the new toilet of the Internet in SA. Google should also be aware of this and add adult content to the website filters as this type of content has absolutely nothing to do with anything decent, moral or ethical.