Unmined value in Twitter

Do not for one moment underestimate the true future value of Twitter. President Obama, (under the ever watchful eyes of Sheriff Joe) has appointed a new head to the CIA(Central Intelligence Agency) about 6 months ago, General David Petraeus.

The General addressed a VC firm about the ability of household appliances to communicate and be communicated with over the Internet and that Intelligence agencies would be able to monitor people easily as per this report on Wired.com

People are in fact bugging themselves, already Google and many other multinationals can track Internet behaviour, likes, dislikes, interests and well basically know you better than you know yourself. When the AIM low power, low cost chips are built into appliances and your entire house is connected to the network then you should consider the really important things in life:

Who do you follow on twitter?

Your fridge, stove or vacuum cleaner? Or all of them?

And do you really care that President Zuma now knows that you are starting that wash cycle? Or is it just so much more convenient to use the washing machine app?