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Making news today is Wikileaks, Mobile banking security, Internet traffic, D10 and more…

Wikileaks founder not to be extradited, yet…
Julian Assange, Wikileaks founder has lost his appeal to not be extradited from the UK to Sweden. However, it is not that simple as Assange will not yet be extradited. He has received a two week stay pending an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights. If extradited to Sweden, Assange said he fears he will be handed over to the United States to face charges under the country’s Espionage Act

Mobile banking security
The future of mobile banking is under scrutiny as various webinars, discussion papers and software developers have initiated research and development into providing solutions to the growing demand for banks and users to stay ahead of the security threat curve.
As mobile banking grows so does the exposure to fraud and other security challenges. Banks are already using new technology like voice biometrics, mobile behavior based anomaly tracking. Other technologies are being enhanced and adapted to provide additional security as estimates place one in five transactions in 2015 will be done via mobile.

Google plus local
Google is rolling out Google plus local where users utilise Zagat scores to find places to go. Google plus with Google local is also available on Google mobile in Google plus.

Cisco says that Internet traffic will quadruple in four years
Cisco estimates that:

* By 2016, global mobile data traffic will reach 10.8 exabytes pm by 18x to 2016.

* By 2016, mobile video will represent 71% of all mobile data traffic.

* By 2016, 22% of global mobile data traffic will be offloaded to fixed networks.

* By 2016, tablets will account for more than 10% of global mobile data traffic.

* By 2016, 4G connections will account for 36% of global mobile data traffic.

Nothing much new at All things digital, Apple still good at keeping secrets, CEO’s saying that if they tell people secrets on stage at D10 it will no longer be secrets 🙂 and nothing really amazing to report. LinkedIn and others have generated buzz about their 400 000 websites apparently linked to linkedIn and everyone predicts that they will be growing and be hugely successful.