The beginning of the end for small IT companies

The one or two man pc dealership model is at an end. The days of quickly calling the the pc guy to fix this or to remove that virus, etc. is ending.

It has become increasingly difficult for the pc guy around the corner, to repair pc’s, notebooks, notepads and smartphones. It is now becoming close to impossible as demonstrated by the new Apple Macbook Pro.

This will be the most popular piece of equipment yet, it has the very best commercially available display, highest resolution, it is fast, sleek, cool and just plain hot.

As services move online and installing an operating system is devolving to device level, repairs and updates are taken out of the revenue stream, the average pc dealer around the corner will have to evolve to the next level in order to survive the future.

The average pc dealer around the corner can configure their own cloud services. By leveraging opensource software such as Eucalyptus, they can setup shared hardware resources. By providing access to Cubit and other opensource applications they can in fact continue the relationships with their business clients and still earn money from IT.
Making money from the cloud