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Facebook IPO is waking up the USA
Realisation that the US economy is shifting from traditional investment values to information age economics is driven home by the fact that Facebook IPO is already fully subscribed (You cannot buy shares if you wanted to) and that the capitalisation is now expected to exceed 100 Billion US Dollars and some analysts are talking about values of 150 Billion us Dollars after listing. The impact of these numbers are stunning when one considers that Facebook does not bring that much to the table, except it’s popularity and it does not create or build anything but uses millions of users to work for it, free of charge. A new concept when compared with the traditional economy where things work a lot different.

New front lit kindle with 8.9 Inch display could compete with iPad
Amazon may launch the new kindle as early as mid July 2012

Groupon posted earnings of us$559 million dollars
Shares in Groupon traded around 35 percent higher after news of increased earnings. Operating margins were also up and analists expect the share price to stabilise and gain in the future.