IT News for this day

In general IT News today is Paypal founder and Facebook Billionaire, Peter Thiel. HP and Intel new servers, Australia and the USA on ICT recruitment drives and again Israelis with and Facebook…
Peter Thiel launches the us$402 Million Mithril
The uber entrepeneur, Peter Thiel, has launced a venture capital company that would focus on taking successful startups to the next level. In a unique approach, Peter Thiel has done it again, by directing capital and next level companies he would not only enable growth in the Information Economy, but also see viable and sustainable new startups reaching the stars, quicker and effectively and reducing the risks of potential failure.

HP releases Intel Atom based servers
Inline with the latest trends for higher quantity of lower powered servers, HP has launched a new range of server powered by the Intel Atom processor. Other entrants and players in the small server market like for example Dell, has released small servers based on smartphone (and tablet) processors (ARM).

Facebook and in us$50? Million deal
Facial recognition startup, the Israeli based, has been sold to Facebook for an undisclosed amount (rumoured to be somewhere between us$55 Million and us$65 Million)
The deal has seen investors buying Facebook shares as investor confidence returns to the social networking giant. In other Facebook news, the new small mobile advert logo’s are proving to be quite popular and just from a quick poll around my office, users love it and advertisers will be fighting for placements… Well done Facebook!

Australia now on ICT skills recruitment drive
Australia joins the USA in an ICT skills recruitment drive. The Australian Government has placed computer network and systems engineers to the list of occupations open to general skilled migration into Australia. The Australian Government has said that supply is not keeping pace with demand. The ICT industry in Australia and New Zealand is exploding with some companies reporting double digit growth on a year to year basis. ICT companies are among the most profitable industries in both the USA and Australia.