Gossip as a growth industry

Predictably, humans gorge themselves on the latest gadget, latest fad, latest news. Similar to a McD drive through, modern smart phone waving peeps want quick service, fast food, throwaway containers and instant gratification.

Latest News? Arguably it is news that this or that celebrity (or public persona) is pregnant, has cheated or is screwing the pooch.

But small town style GOSSIP has arrived to entertain and amuse the world and we are emotionally gorging ourselves on the feast of gossip, fud, crap and empty calorie emotive meals provided by an endless wash of humanity all chasing that 5 minutes of endorphin sunshine that would allow them to feel the bliss of being someone.

Is the death of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) solely the fault of Social Networking?
Original content, on page optimisation, standard compliant design and social networking.

Soon, all that is needed for a number one spot on Google search results.