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There are a few factors that are important when considering to work for an ICT company. Critical factors such as stability or luxury factors such as your future potential, and then survival factors, such as the true value of people to the company.

All companies say: Our people are our greatest asset, blah blah blah but how do you really know whether the company does really care about it’s staff?

There are a few golden rules, that are written in stone and very easy for you to check:

Call the company from the outside, the company customer care or support line. If you hear: ‘your call is important to us, please hold for the next available operator or ‘we are experiencing high caller volumes’ or any such recorded message options you already know a few things about the type of company you are dealing with.

Typically this type of company is more concerned about effectiveness than people. In the corporate world, some people that work for a company is paid hundreds of times more than the average person that is employed at the same company, earns. This company would not care about it’s people, sure, talent is important but all people are replaceable. Chances of you having a pleasant work environment and good survivability, is very small. Avoid working for this type of company.

If you call from the outside and a human person answers, even if it is a huge organisation and offers to direct your call anywhere and you are actually directed to a real human second person in the correct department for your enquiry, this is a company that cares about its staff.

If this type of company also has a strong set of financial statements (Income and Balance sheet) it’s a chicken dinner (winner)

People companies that are financially healthy and operate sustainably are the very best of the best places to work for. Cold, fast food type companies that only speak the lingo of love clinically, are terrible places to spend a third of your life at.

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