It has begun: Google artificial intelligence

Google new tech has taught itself how to recognise cats. The super secret Google X Labs are developing lots of new technology, of which the next Google, is arguably the most interesting.

Jeff Dean, a Google Fellow and Andrew Ng announced that the super secret Google X Labs has developed a neural network that has started teaching itself.

According to Jeff Dean: ‘ Then, we took an artificial neural network and spread the computation across 16,000 of our CPU cores (in our data centers), and trained models with more than 1 billion connections’

‘We then ran experiments that asked, informally: If we think of our neural network as simulating a very small-scale newborn brain, and show it YouTube video for a week, what will it learn? Our hypothesis was that it would learn to recognize common objects in those videos. Indeed, to our amusement, one of our artificial neurons learned to respond strongly to pictures of… cats. Remember that this network had never been told what a cat was, nor was it given even a single image labeled as a cat. Instead, it discovered what a cat looked like by itself from only unlabeled YouTube stills. Thats what we mean by self-taught learning.’