How the patent wars affects you

The current patent war between Samsung and Apple could have very far reaching results. Apple is accusing Samsung of theft of the technology that is the iPad and the iPhone.

If Apple wins it will destroy Samsung as well as many other competitors in the global market. During the legal case many interesting things have been exposed. Apple makes enourmous profit margins as high as over 30% also what became quite clear is that patents are not what they were intended to be.

Patents have become tools to propagate extreme capitalism and to predicate the exploitation of consumers at the benefit of venture capitalists. Both patent and copyright needs serious redesign to align with the information revolution. Copyright periods needs to be drastically reduced to maybe as much as a month or two, Patent periods needs to be reduced to a few months and possibly link the period with the capital required to produce.

After all both patents are copyrights are there to protect the income of artists, producers and investors and not to exploit consumers in an extreme and unfair way for the next century.