Hetzner and other web hosting companies hacked in South Africa

Hetzner announced on their website that sensitive client dat a has been compromised. The Information Technology Website (it-web.co.za) knows of at least two other South African ISP’s that has been hacked recently.

Hetzner behaved ethically and informed their clients and Hetzner has also sent out emails today,  to all previous and current clients, to inform them directly of the data breach.

Other ISP’s however are not behaving as ethically and at least one has chosen to remain silent.

Well done Hetzner for setting an example of how data breaches should be addressed.  a Message from the CEO of Hetzner says: “We are deeply distressed by the data breach that has taken place at Hetzner. Allow me to offer our sincere apologies. ” together with the steps clients can take to address the issue.

If you are a Hetzner client, you can click here for more information on changing your Hetzner credentials