Technology creates new criminal activity

World governments need to sit up straight and look at the Internet far more seriously than they have been doing.

Both Apple and Google have been using military grade spy planes to obtain very high resolution images of homes, streets and well, everything.

Media in South Africa as recent as yesterday, have been raving about useful traffic information being available. The flip side of the Internet is that criminals gain so much more insight into your home and your very movements.

Country based and region based legislation is required to manage the ability of companies to just take pictures of my private residence, either from the street or from the air as it infringes on my right to privacy as well as my Government security, security of the South African State President, (National Security issues, such as military capabilities etc).

If you are sunbathing naked in the back yard, that is your business, whatever you do (that is legal) in your back yard, is your own business.

Additional article comments: Control of the Internet
The Telco meeting in December will be watched with great Interest, as the time has come for the United Nations to take over the Internet, to manage it on behalf of the entire world, to setup an Internet Police agency, similar to Interpol, but more specialised and in order to assure that global resources are fairly distributed between all countries and not just the one.

The United Nations are quite able to ensure, as much as the current controllers of the Internet, that China, Russia and other chicken little ‘the sky is falling’ countries that the United States choose to present as threats to world freedom and freedom of expression, conforms to an International standard of freedom.

In fact, the United Nations are far more representative and fair, equipped and supported to ensure that Internet freedom remains exactly that, freedom. The recent legislation by the US Congress, is an indication of how threatening the idea of UN control of the Internet is and has become to the United States. UN control of the Internet will affect the dollar income and potential future us dollar income directly and will mean the start of a level playing field for new incomers and will result in adequate representation for poor third world country citizens that currently have ZERO benefit from a planet wide, global resource allocation. Yet, it is exactly these poor countries that will have no chance whatsoever to survive and make headway in the Information age.