Google makes major play in online advertising

Google says that they are to provide an intuitive advertising buying system that will make sense of the metrics involved in an easy and complete application to be provided by the Google Doubleclick arm. This will result in advertising buyers being able to more easily purchase display adverts as well as being enabled to easily measure performance.

Google says: ‘DoubleClick Digital Marketing will weave together the technologies that buyers currently use to plan, manage, schedule, deliver and measure their online buys in a way we think will not only help them work smarter and faster, but ultimately be more responsive to their customers and deliver better ads’

Google purchased Doubleclick in 2007, for 3,1 Billion us$ and around 10% ($5 Billion) of Google’s income is generated through display advertising.

With the new ad purchasing interface Google is hoping to strengthen its growing share of the display advertising pie. More here