Google ISP

Google is also now an ISP. Google Access Services Vice President, Milo Medin, says that Google has launched it’s ISP offerings in Kansas.

Google flexed it’s enormous marketing muscle and events unfolding in Kansas splashed all over the world.

Google started a community system where ‘fibrehoods’ have to have enough community support in order to join the network.

Nice, warm and fuzzy. Maybe Google will also become the dominating ISP in your area or country over the next few years. Google is very serious about becoming your fibre service provider. Of course with the Google mobile push it could easily be seen that Google is planning on dominating at that end as well.

But what did Google not tell us?

Firstly Google managed to get the Kansas City taxpayer to pay for much of what it is offering. According to a report in the daily caller: ‘free central office space; free power; no charge for access to the Citys assets and infrastructure; no charge for rights of way, permits and inspection fees; settlement-free interconnections with anchor institutions; free marketing and direct mail, and even free office space for Google employees. Apparently, Google Fiber is also exempt from the regulations and costs imposed on its competitors. Simply, Google secretly has shifted much of the cost of its business to the Kansas City taxpayer.’

Anyway, more about Google Fibre: as well as here