FUD overcomes Obama

Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt casted long shadows over US President Obama as he painted hugely distorted pictures of the doom and gloom results of cyber attacks on the USA infrastructure.

The Stuxnet and other cyber operations, that in similar fashion as Cyber Criminals, use social engineering vectors, like the substitution of DNS information to install fake updates, present leaders like President Obama with the false impression that US infrastructure can be destroyed or incapacitated at will by anyone.

Unlike Iran, the US has more developed protocols for the installation of software updates. The US also has all sorts of additional layers, like multi technology FIDS, NIDS etc. As well as having stricter software and software update installation protocols the US also has a far more developed application stack where a single failure or data breach affects the system less with each passing day, as more advanced software development techniques are resulting in enhanced levels of data integrity, security as well as advanced tech data backup.

Denial of Service attacks on any US infrastructure is an exercise in futility, by any other Government or individual(s) and if it ever happens will only serve to identify and improve the definition of the word ‘idiot’.

Any attack on US infrastructure is only done by extremely stupid people and not anyone that the US needs to be worried about at all as the economic damage that they can achieve is a fraction of what the medical costs of the Colorado Batman shooter would be.

Legislation such as the Cybersecurity Act of 2012 is a foothold into better and greater control over the Internet (and as hope and solace to the promomoters of the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act)

On a side note: Footprints of the US intel agents are clearly visible on the Internet, the same as the Israeli’s and all others, intelligence is yet again being redefined in the Information revolution and the solution is not legislation…