Beware of FAT

Flood Media Attacks, FAT, is the next big thing in network security. Criminal syndicates now offer FAT as a service (fatass). Most people receive an sms text message or email as confirmation or notification of financial transactions. Criminals can now purchase a FAT attack specifically targeted to an individual (On various .ru websites, even online…)

Practically a victim would receive tens of thousands of text messages, too many for many devices to handle and store or hundreds of thousands of email messages. The legit messages would be hidden among the FAT messages and communication would be severely disrupted. The average user would have no idea of what is going on.

The syndicates are charging around R1200 per 10000 FAT text messages and R250 for 10000 delivered email messages. They are offering to deliver at specific dates and times and accept Mastercard or Visa.