Apple iPhone 5 cellphone upgrades

A large percentage of consumers become locked into a never ending cycle of cellphone contract upgrades. Cellphone contracts exploit that weakness of human nature that allows us to feel that we are in possession of the very latest technology. We want to show off how great we are but yet, we are actually showing off the true pathetic and miserable weakness of the human race.

When you upgrade your cellphone to the latest model Nokia Luma, Blackberry or iPhone 5 consider that you probably will be replacing all your accessories, consider the wasteful and pointless expense of acquiring a product that will most assuredly not improve your life, your cellphone upgrade from an Apple iPhone 4 to an Apple iPhone 5 will not bestow any economic advantage and millions of sheep will be upgrading their devices simply for the sake of upgrading their devices.

Techno slave or sheep? Are you upgrading for tech reasons, example: to utilise 4G or are you upgrading for sheep reasons, example: Because the device is the latest model? The only reason that the author may obtain an iPhone 5 is to install Linux on it.