True Intelligence

True Intelligence is the concept that comes after “Artificial Intelligence”

True Intelligence has made great progress in 2017 and multiple sources report that various labs and research facilities have discovered, developed and published about breakthrough technology.

The New York Times reports about an Iranian mathematician, who studied at the Canadian University of Toronto, that has advanced the mathematics related to the optical recognition of objects. The math is reportedly loosely based on the same principles employed by human optical recognition.

That Iranian mathematician and her Professor since left to work at Google AI, also in Toronto Canada. They have made a breakthrough in what they call a “capsule network”. They say that a Capsule network is the next generation neural network and that their technology more accurately recognises objects when viewing the objects from unfamiliar angles. You can read the full New York Times article here 

Much of the current True Intelligence technology seem to share principles and protocols of the human mind. In terms of optical recognition, pattern evaluation as well as learning protocols.