Measuring expensive and popular

When something hot becomes cool, then ‘nice’ and then just too expensive you may be talking about the new iPad.

The new iPad display is crisp, clear, fantastic actually, until you actually read a magazine and the grainy text is just plain irritating. It is going to take a while for content to catch up to the resolution of the iPad and it is also going to take a while for my wallet to catch up to the content as the size of suitable content will probably be at least five times larger (cost five times as much bandwidth)
And at a resolution of 2048 x 1536 games that were shaky before is probably going to be more shaky than ever.

Bottom line is: The new iPad is a thing of true beauty, quality and vision but like the 23 year old beauty queen that lives down the road, I can admire it’s design, shape, display, beauty and admire it’s drive for world peace but for my 40 something old bod, it is a thing of dreams.

Had I lived in a world of a 100TB storage, free uncapped 4G network (or better) and more processing power, I would marry the new iPad and live together until death us do part.