it news roundup for Wednesday

Top it news story is that Twitter is refusing to deliver user data to a USA criminal court. The New York court case involves Malcolm Harris who is being criminally charged for disorderly conduct in an occupy Wall Street protest. Twitter claims that all user posted data is the proprietary intellectual property of Twitter in terms of it’s use policy. Twitter is therefore refusing to hand over data for the account, @destructuremal. Read the Twitter motion

Yahoo filed a lawsuit against Facebook claiming that Facebook infringed on it’s patents. On 27 April, Yahoo added an additional claim for two patent infringements. This all stated in an amended security exchange form filed by Facebook with regards to it’s IPO. Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson was also recently exposed by CNN for padding, or rather faking his resume. He has since apologised but not resigned even after calls from some quarters to do so.

The five patches released by Adobe for it’s Shockwave Player was followed by 23 critical patches from Microsoft for Windows and various other products. Critical security patches means no user intervention is required for vulnerabilities to be exploited.
More about the Microsoft critical security patches, from Microsoft.