Google TV, Apple TV and soon Nike TV, etc

It seems all IT companies have decided that the only way to operate is to be everything to consumers and to absolutely have a monopoly on, well, everything. They all want to lock consumers into a life long relationship with them and provide them with everything.

Of course these huge multinational giants see absolutely nothing wrong with their behaviour and they think that it is perfectly normal, acceptable and good.

Of course the majority of technology users just do not care. As long as they can own the very latest Apple iPhone or get the latest Android app, they exist in a state of ignorant bliss.

But the technology and methods that the multinational companies employ are becoming ever more insidious. Lets look at what Google is doing with Project Glass, you did not think much of it, right? Does Google care? No. They are pushing full steam ahead with Google Project Glass because there is another agenda. Watching TV on Google Glasses, integrating your life, entertainment, content and communications. Apple has obvious Apple TV plans and one does not have to wonder why these companies are breaching other markets, in fact is is obvious. What do you do when you already dominate one segment of a market? of course you will seek to dominate another and another and another. Eventually you will also be manufacturing shoes and selling fast food.