Google to change search interface worldwide

Google announced that it is changing it’s search interface in the USA and then the rest of the world. Google says that it is adding context to search in terms of a ‘knowledge graph’ which basically relates people to content. Google has added a context box to the right hand side of results which allows users to immediately select the context of their search. For example: If you search for apple products, are you looking for apple iPhone, apple fruit, apple cider etc. At the moment in SA, if you search for apple by itself, you would not even have the fruit, farmers, etc. in the top ten results.

Google says: ‘ Weve always believed that the perfect search engine should understand exactly what you mean and give you back exactly what you want. And we can now sometimes help answer your next question before youve asked it, because the facts we show are informed by what other people have searched for.’ Google is referring to the new feature which allows you to see what other people are searching for, but for me this is an extension, or improvement, on Google instant (the suggested search keywords that appear while you are typing)

Hopefully Google would also roll out in South Africa real soon, as I am wearing down my New York VPN 🙂