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Pakistan blocks Twitter
The Pakistan Government blocked access to Twitter yesterday because of Tweets considered to be offensive to Islam. Twitter refused to remove the content and the Pakistan Government buckled under citizen pressure to restore Twitter after an eight hours standoff.

Samsung Galaxy S3 has millions of orders
With its 4.8 Inch display and 1,4Ghz quad processor the new mobile device promises to exceed the 20 million sales of the S2. It is faster with high definition graphics and improvements to eye tracking and voice recognition software makes it the most exciting new gadget to own.

Facebook slapped with us$15 Billion privacy rights lawsuit
USA citizens cases have been combined into one class action by a Federal court in California as the citizens are claiming that Facebook continued tracking them after they had logged out of the Facebook website. Citizens are saying that Facebook breached their right to privacy and had collected personal and other data illegally.

Digital Colonialism alive and well
Africa is yet again faced with the very real colonialism by large multinationals like the US$ 104 Billion Facebook. Facebook specifically, even has the Africans creating content for free and has no revenue sharing options as Google has. The wave of patent bearing multinationals have skipped China as China has it’s own successful social websites ( Renren (154 million users) and Sina Weibo (300 million users)) as China has blocked WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and 2600 other websites considered to not be in the best interest of it’s citizens. Some software developers in South Africa have been developing technology without registering patents (example: Cloud based Open Source Accounting and Payroll since 2001 as South Africa does not have software patents. Some companies, like Cubit, have found their designs in foreign registered patents, after they first developed and released it.