Cyber Bully

After reading this teenagers online account of her life at school I decided to configure a website where other teenagers can vent, talk, discuss and list their bullies in public.

Bully website (Cyber bully and other bullies)

It is hard to stand up to a cyber, emotional or physical bully but having somewhere to vent even anonymously, is a good start. Also knowing that you are not alone, reading and sharing your experiences with others will empower you to take charge of your life and to stand up and defeat your bully.

Bullies do not only bully little children, some bullies are used to bully their way through life. Old people are also frequently bullied and face the same challenges and prospects that teenagers do but with slightly more danger as the proximity to family abuse approaches. Surely with the amount of old people ever increasing, economic stress increasing and pensions failing, the instances of elder abuse would also rise.

What to do when you are being bullied:
Collect as much evidence as possible, screenshots, documentation, pictures, videos and anything that would serve to document the abuse.

Organize your evidence into a presentable format so that you can easily present this to your parents, caregivers, an attorney, welfare and any other relevant person, government organization, private welfare organization etc.